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Alpha is the codename for the first public release of Hex, which will be followed by Beta and the Set 1 Release. It was unlocked as the $1.8 million stretch goal on the Hex Kickstarter and is restricted to people who pledged to the Hex Kickstarter or people who have purchased the Slacker Backer packs. It has been released to the public on the 8th of October.[1] People who have pledged on Grand King backer level or higher got invited. By the 23rd of November every Kickstarter backer has received an invite and is able to play.[2]

Features Introduced In Alpha[]

The following was confirmed to be in the first release of Alpha:

  • Account Creation and Name Registration[3]
  • Full play set (4) of Set 1 PVP cards
  • Full deck building interface
  • Make and Save decks
  • Singles Matches from Lobbies[4] and Chat
  • Chat Rooms
  • Rolling bug fixes and updates