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The champion represents you, the player, in the world of Entrath. Each champion has a charge power which will influence your deck, both in what shard you use and what kind of cards you put in your deck. For example, here is Gozzog, the necrotic warrior, and Poca the Conflagrater, an orc mage.

When you play a resource, your hero gains a charge and a threshold based on the resource played. A Blood resource provides a blood threshold, and a Ruby resource provides a ruby threshold. When you have at least one Blood threshold, Gozzog can spend 2 charges to deal 1 damage to a target champion and gain 1 health. This champion is great at extending the game, putting a small amount of pressure on the opponent while providing a buffer against any damage he may do.

With the charge power in mind, you will want to build your deck with the late game in mind. Poca the Conflagrater is great for Ruby decks that want to toast the opponent early and often. Poca can spend 3 charges to put a Blaze Elemental token in play. Add that speedy beater to your turn 3 attack and watch the beads of sweat form on the opponent’s head. There are 20 champions to choose from in the PVP set alone, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect champion for your deck.

Customize Your Character[]

When clearing the dungeons of HEX, you’ll first choose a player character for your champion. Just like in PVP, your champion has a charge power, but in PVE, your champion increases in level and potency as he or she gains experience. Your champion’s art changes as well as you go from level 1 to 50.

The difficulty increases as you explore Entrath. You’ll pick up cards and equipment along the way to help you in your journey, and your character also learns from those battles. Your champion will increase in power as they reach the various talent tiers. Every 10 levels (starting at level 10), you’ll choose from three different talents unique to your class. These talent choices will include a variety of gameplay altering effects such as start-of-game benefits like additional health, passive effects like increasing the maximum size of your hand, new charge powers, or even the chance to add unique class cards to your deck.

List of PvP Champions[]

Card Race Class Faction Description
Dimmid Necrotic Warlock Underworld [BASIC] DiamondDiamond, [2 CHARGES]: Target troop gets [Lifedrain] this turn.
Wyatt the Sapper Dwarf Ranger Underworld [BASIC] SapphireSapphire, [5 CHARGES]: Draw a card.
Fahrny Dwarf Mage Underworld [BASIC] RubyRuby, [5 CHARGES]: Deal damage to target troop equal to the highest cost among artifacts you control.
Bertram Cragraven Dwarf Warrior Underworld [BASIC] Sapphire, [3 CHARGES]: Create a [Worker Bot] and put it into play.
Nin the Shadow Necrotic Rogue Underworld [BASIC] Sapphire, [2 CHARGES]: Target champion buries the top two cards of his deck.
Gozzog Necrotic Warrior Underworld [BASIC] Blood Magic, [2 CHARGES]: Deal 1 damage to target champion and gain 1 life.
Kishimoto Shin'hare Cleric Underworld [BASIC] Wild MagicWild Magic, [4 CHARGES]: Target troop you control gets +2 Attack / +2 Defense this turn.
Monika'shin Shin'hare Ranger Underworld [BASIC] Wild Magic, [3 CHARGES]: Create a [Battle Hopper] and put it into play.
Bun'jitsu Shin'hare Warlock Underworld [BASIC] Blood MagicBlood Magic, [5 CHARGES]: Void two ready troops you control. Create an [Abomination] with Attack equal to 3 plus their combined Attack and Defense equal to 3 plus their combined Defense and put it into play exhausted.
Zared Venomscorn Vennen Rogue Underworld [BASIC] Blood Magic, [4 CHARGES]: Target troop gets permanent -1Attack / -1Defense.
Running Deer Coyotle Cleric Ardent [BASIC] Wild Magic, [4 CHARGES]: Gain 5 health.
Feather Drifting Downriver Coyotle Mage Ardent [BASIC] Sapphire Sapphire, [4 CHARGES]: Target troop gets permanent Flight.
One Eye Open Coyotle Ranger Ardent [BASIC] Diamond, [3 CHARGES]: Ready each troop you control.
Polonius Elf Ranger Ardent [BASIC] Wild MagicWild MagicWild Magic, [8 CHARGES]: Create a [Mammoth Squirrel Titan] and put it into play.
Lady Elizabeth Stewart Human Cleric Ardent [BASIC] Diamond, [5 CHARGES]: Create an [Adamanthian Elite] and put it into your hand.
Lionel Flynn Human Rogue Ardent [BASIC] Ruby, [5 CHARGES]: Target Troop gets permanent +3Attack/+0Defense.
Palamedes, The Righteous Human Warrior Ardent [BASIC] Diamond, [4 CHARGES]: Target Troop gets permanent +1Attack/+1Defense.
Poca, The Conflagrater Orc Mage Ardent [BASIC] RubyRuby, [4 CHARGES]: Create a [Blaze Elemental] and put it into play.
Tetzot, Son of Omoc Orc Warlock Ardent [BASIC] Ruby, [6 CHARGES]: Reveal the top ten cards of your deck. Create a Rock Elemental with Attack and Defense equal to 3 plus the number of revealed resources and put it into play. Shuffle the revealed cards into your deck.
Herczeg Orc Warrior Ardent [BASIC] Blood MagicBlood Magic, [4 CHARGES]: Deal 2 damage to you and draw a card.