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The Chaostouched are creatures from or affect by the Void.

The Void Society lives within the Void and continuously battles with several of the more dangerous Chaostouched creatures.

List of Chaostouched cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Chaos Key] Shardless Artifact 2 Rare
[Basic] ⑤, Void this → Void target card.
[Spawn of Othuyeg] Sapphire Troop 2 Sapphire Uncommon 1 1

When this deals damage to an opposing champion, bury the top card of their deck. If there are ten or more cards in opposing graveyards, bury the top five cards of their deck instead.
[Servant of Shathak] Sapphire Troop 1 Sapphire Rare 2 2

You can include this in your deck only if it contains at least twenty different card names among non-resource cards.
[Eldritch Dreamer] Sapphire Troop 4 SapphireSapphire Rare 3 3

[Splinter of Azathoth] Sapphire Troop 4 SapphireSapphireSapphire Rare 3 4

[ONE-SHOT] Cost 2 → Interrupt target card. If that card is interrupted this way, put it into its champion's hand.

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