The Concubunnies are an enigmatic group that all share a psychic consciousness and collectively have a mastery of Wild Magic, which they use to breed at an unnaturally rapid pace.

Concubunnies take care of the new Shin'hare offspring.

List of Concubunny cards

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack.png Defense.png Description
[Uzume, Grand Concubunny] Wild Troop 6 Wild Icon.png Wild Icon.png Rare 3 5
At the start of your turn, create a random non-unique Shin'hare and put it into play.
[Concubunny] Wild Troop 2 Wild Icon.png Common 0 1
Cost1.png , Action Icon.png , Exhaust another Shin'hare you control → Create a [Battle Hopper] and put it into play.
There are 2 cards in this list.
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