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Construction Plans: War Hulk
Construction Plans War Hulk.png
Type: Artifact -- Plans
Shard: Shardless
Cost: 2
Rarity: Common
Set: Shards of Fate
Number: 13
Related: [War Hulk]
Exhaust one or more Dwarves and/or Robots you control → Add a construction counter to this for each troop exhausted this way. Then, if there are five or more, remove them all, exhaust this, and transform this into a [War Hulk].


Construction Plans: War Hulk is an artifact that functions similar to [Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine]. The artifact has no direct effect, but can transform into a powerful [War Hulk] by exhausting dwarves or robots. The War Hulk enters play exhausted, but does not suffer from Troop Trauma if Construction Plans: War Hulk has been in play.



  • [Dwarven Turbine] can be used to target exhausted Robot troops, allowing them to be exhausted multiple times to fuel Construction Plans: War Hulk. When the [War Hulk] enters play, Dwarven Turbine can ready it, allowing it to attack immediately.
  • Construction Plans: War Hulk is not an artifact troop, however becomes one when it transforms into War Hulk, and becomes classified as a robot. This can reduce the cost of [Pterobot], and interact as a robot with [Volcannon] or [Elite Battle Tech].


  • This card has no function without robot or dwarven troops to exhaust.
  • Consider that blocking enemy troops that would be killed in combat, can still be used to gain construction counters.


  • Troops that entered play can immediately be used to power the effect. Construction Plans: War Hulk ability can also be used the turn it is played.
  • This ability can be activated during an opponents turn. Furthermore, it can be used on a troop who has already been assigned to block.
  • Construction Plans: War Hulk's ability may be used multiple times per turn.
  • The card transforms, and does not count as playing an artifact. Any permanent effects, like cost reduction, on the original Construction Plans: War Hulk carry over to the War Hulk.