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The coyotle, a cunning and proud folk, are nomadic wanderers of the Howling Plains and nimble hunters who only kill what is necessary to survive. A coyotle wastes nothing, be it meat from a kill or a word when they speak.

Of all the mortal races, the coyotle have the strongest connection with the world beyond physical existence. The “dreamhunters” are the spirits of long-dead coyotle wise ones who travel with the various tribes, giving counsel and helping bridge the world of the physical and the ethereal. Because of this, coyotle have no real concept of death, other than as a brief transition from one kind of dream to another.

Coyotle are skilled pack hunters, though they only kill for sustenance, never for sport. They can defend themselves when threatened, but prefer to stealth away from a fight if possible. When pressed, their shaman can summon the spirits of beasts to fight for them.

The coyotle have a keen interest in the stars, and have meticulously mapped the skies into patterns, similar to the Zodiac. They want to know how their world fits into the larger universe, and rumors exist amongst the other mortal races that the coyotle know where Hex came from and what its ultimate purpose might be.

Because the coyotle believe all things that happen in the universe occurs at the same time, they have no interest in recorded history. They pass some oral legends between generations, and the ghosts of ancestors from the “tranquil dream” will often tell stories of events that occurred when they existed in the “living dream”.

The coyotle are amongst the most peaceful of the surface races, and have always had an affable relationship with their human and elf neighbors. They have had only minimal interaction with orcs, though the coyotle do admire their devotion.

The shin’hare used to live on the surface, along the southern edge of the continent, just below the Howling Plains. They would make relentless attacks on the coyotle, attempting to enslave them. The shin’hare were also desperate to learn the secrets of how the coyotle controlled weather.

One thousand years ago, the elves joined with the humans to drive the shin’hare underground. Of course, this decision turned out to be a mistake, as the bloodthirsty rabbits were eventually recruited by the necrotic for the devastating Underworld Incursion.

When the humans offered an alliance, the coyotle had no choice but to accept, and so they became an essential member of the Ardent coalition.


  • They believe everything happens at the same time. As such, they have little interest in recorded history.
  • They believe it is possible to experience all possible realities.

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Ozawa, Cosmic Elder] Diamond Troop 8 DiamondDiamond Legendary 0 0

This has +XAttack/+XDefense where X is your health.
[Zodiac Shaman] Sapphire Troop 5 Sapphire Common 2 5
[Running Deer] Champion
[BASIC] Wild Magic, [4 CHARGES]: Gain 5 health.
[Feather Drifting Downriver] Champion
[BASIC] Sapphire Sapphire, [4 CHARGES]: Target troop gets permanent Flight.
[One Eye Open] Champion
[BASIC] Diamond, [3 CHARGES]: Ready each troop you control.
[Wind Whisperer] Diamond Troop 3 Diamond Common 1 2
Cost 1, Action → Exhaust target troop.
[Clear Sky Stormcaller] Sapphire Troop 3 Sapphire Uncommon 1 2
[Basic] Action → This deals 1 damage to target exhausted troop.
[Quick Strider] Diamond Troop 3 Diamond Common 2 2
[Prairie Scout] Diamond Troop 1 Diamond Uncommon 1 1
Action → Target attacking troop gets +1Attack/+1Defense this turn.
[Mystic Spiritwalker] Diamond Troop 4 Diamond Rare 4 3
When this attacks, choose target troop you control. The next time that troop would be dealt damage this game, prevent it.
[Howling Brave] Wild Troop 1 Wild Magic Common 1 1
When this enters play, gain Wild Magic.

Action → Gain <1/0>.
[Stargazer] Wild Troop 1 Wild Magic Uncommon 1 1
Diamond: Cost 1, Action → Gain 2 health.

Sapphire: Cost 1, Action → Draw a card, then choose and discard a card.
[Mystic of the Tranquil Dream] Sapphire Troop 4 Sapphire Common 2 4
[Mentor of the Song] Sapphire Troop 3 Sapphire Common 2 1
When this troop dies, transform it into [Oracle Song] and return it to your hand.
[Spirit Oracle] Wild Magic Troop 5 Wild Magic Common 4 4
When you gain a charge, target troop gets permanent +1Attack/+1Defense.

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