Devoted Emissary
Devoted Emissary.png
Type: Troop -- Human Warlock
Shard: Sapphire
Cost: 4
Threshold: Sapphire Icon.png
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Faction: Ardent
Rarity: Common
Set: Shards of Fate
Number: 236
Attack: 4
Defense: 3
Human warlocks consult with the spirits of the kings, nobles, and knights whose corpses are now being inhabited by the necrotics' collective intelligence.
When this enters play, put target troop you control into your hand.



  • Any card that has a "when this enters play" effect, can be put back into hand and replayed for effect.


  • If you control no other troops when Devoted Emissary enters play, it will have to target itself.
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