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Droo's Colossal Walker
Droo's Colossal Walker.png
Type: Troop , Artifact -- Robot
Shard: Shardless
Cost: 5
Rarity: Rare
Set: Shards of Fate
Number: 16
Attack: 8
Defense: 8
"History is told by those who tell it." -Droo
Must attack.

This can't ready during your ready step.

While this is exhausted: [Basic] Pay 8 health → Ready this.


Droo's Colossal Walker is a monstrous Artifact Troop. It boasts [Crush], however must attack whenever it is able. The most significant feature of Droo's Colossal Walker, is the inability to ready during its controllers ready step. This can be circumnavigated at the expensive cost of 8 health to ready this card.

With a resource cost of 5, Droo's Colossal Walker can pose a massive threat relatively early in the game, and can trample over many troops with a similar cost. Some card effects can ready a troop or artifact, and should be used to avoid having to pay health every time the Walker is needed.



  • [Dwarven Turbine] combos extremely well with Droo's Colossal Walker, enabling it to be readied for only 1 resource. Any effect that readies troops, such as [Shrewd Manipulation] can be effective, however Dwarven Turbine is a very cost effective method.
  • [Technical Genius] reduces the cost of Artifacts, and lowers Droo's Colossal Walker's already low cost.


  • Pay mind to the ability to ready at the cost of health. Despite having a hefty cost, it can be a game ending active.
  • Droo's Colossal Walker is a powerful troop, but has little protection from cheap cards such as [Nature Reigns], or [Imp Hoodlums]. As it must attack whenever able, [Repel] is a strong counter as well.


  • The ability to ready at the cost of 8 health can be used during an opponents turn if Droo's Colossal Walker is needed.

Development Notes[]

  • Used to be called Droo's Unstoppable Walker