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Formed from the very stone of the planet’s crust, the subterranean-dwelling dwarves are master craftsmen and experts in the application of pure destructive force. As beings of pure chaos, the dwarves are always looking to apply their ingenuity and ferocity to create increasingly complex and devastating machines.

If the dwarves have a motto, it is “destruction for destruction’s sake”. They are bloodthirsty, industrious, and never ever stop digging.

All dwarves are male. When a dwarf dies, it shatters into a pile of rough stone and pebbles. This rubble, combined with freshly dug rock and gems, is then used to make new dwarves.

Like the elves, dwarves are master craftsmen. However, unlike the elves, who create objects of beauty, the dwarves create machines of devastation. The dwarves are obsessive about inventing new weapons and tools of demolition. They craft everything from small crossbows that can fire heat-seeking rockets to massive, technologically advanced robots that can rend their way through solid rock as if they were digging grain out of a barrel.

The dwarves are allied with a race of enormous army ants, each the size of a rhinoceros. Dwarves are known to ride into battle mounted on these ants, all while slinging explosives from laser-powered rifles.

Dwarves believe the entire world is a giant machine, and if they can just figure out how the mechanism works, they can ultimately control its operation. They reason that a colossal robot the size of a mountain sits in the center of Entrath, yanking the pulleys that make the gears of the planet function. A sect of dwarves known as the Delvers believe they can mount an expedition that will dig to the center of the planet to find this robot and perhaps exploit it for their own purposes.

Though the dwarves have a marginal relationship with the necrotic, they did agree to join the Underworld alliance and take part in the Underworld Incursion. They did so as a means to bring chaos and devastation to the surface world, and in that, they succeeded. The primary responsibility of the dwarves in the Incursion was to create the tunnels that would allow the necrotic, shin’hare, and vennen forces to erupt into key locations on the surface.

Though the Incursion was ultimately beaten back, the dwarves have remained busy in their efforts to infest the surface world with anarchy. The dwarves’ new plan that they are working on now is to dig out enough of the Underworld that will cause the entire surface world to collapse below the ground.

Ballistics Guild[]

Dwarves who create projectile weaponry, explosives, gas bombs, and traps are overseen by the Ballistics Guild.

Bulwark Guild[]

The Bulwark Guild oversees the construction of defensive structures, such as bunkers, walls, and other protective installments.

The Construct Guild[]

The Construct Guild is in charge of constructing bots and hulks that are used in war, general destruction, and assisting the creation of other bots.

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Research Librarian] Sapphire Troop 2 Sapphire Uncommon 1 2
⑦, Action → Draw a card. You pay Cost 1 less to use this power for each artifact you control.
[Elimination Specialist] Ruby Troop 4 Ruby Uncommon 3 2
This enters play with a rocket counter for each artifact you control.

[Basic] Remove a rocket counter from this → This deals 1 damage to target troop.

At end of turn, remove all rocket counters from this.
[Master Theorycrafter] Ruby Troop 5 RubyRuby Rare 2 2

Cost 2, Action → Create a [War Bot] and put it into play. It gets [Speed] and the socketed powers of this. At end of turn, void that [War Bot].
[Eurig the Robomancer] Sapphire Troop 4 SapphireSapphire Rare 2 3
Action → Choose one:

Create a [Worker Bot] and put it into play.

Transform target Worker Bot you control into a [War Bot].

Transform target War Bot you control into a [War Hulk].
[Researcher Adept] Sapphire Troop 4 Sapphire Common 2 3
When this enters play, if you control an artifact, draw a card.
[Technical Genius] Sapphire Troop 2 Sapphire Uncommon 1 2
Your artifacts in all zones have cost -Cost 1.
[Wyatt the Sapper] Champion
[BASIC] SapphireSapphire, [5 CHARGES]: Draw a card.
[Fahrny] Champion
[BASIC] RubyRuby, [5 CHARGES]: Deal damage to target troop equal to the highest cost among artifacts you control.
[Bertram Cragraven] Champion
[BASIC] Sapphire, [3 CHARGES]: Create a [Worker Bot] and put it into play.
[Bombsmith] Ruby Troop 2 Ruby Common 1 1
When this enters play, it may deal 1 damage to target troop.
[Rocket Ranger] Ruby Troop 3 Ruby Rare 2 2
While you control one or more artifacts, this has [Flight].

While you control three or more artifacts, this has +2Attack/+2Defense.

While you control five or more artifacts, when this attacks, it deals 4 damage to target opposing champion.
[Elite Battle Tech] Sapphire Troop 6 SapphireSapphire Uncommon 1 4
When this enters play, create two [Worker Bots] and put them into play.

Sacrifice two Robots you control → Put target opposing troop into its controller's hand.
[Gearsmith] Sapphire Troop 1 Sapphire Common 1 1
When this enters play, look at the top three cards of your deck. You may put an artifact from among them into your hand. If you do, it gets cost -Cost 1. Shuffle the remaining cards into your deck.
[Cavern Commando] Sapphire Troop 3 Sapphire Common 1 4
[Assault Technician] Ruby Troop 5 RubyRuby Uncommon 2 2
When this enters play, create a [War Bot] and put it into play.

Cost 2 → Target Robot you control gets +1Attack/+0Defense.
[War Machinist] Ruby Troop 1 Ruby Uncommon 1 1
When an artifact enters play under your control, this deals 1 damage to each opposing champion.
[Scrap Welder] Ruby Troop 4 Ruby Common 2 2
When this enters play, if you control an artifact, this gets +3Attack/+0Defense, [Flight], and [Speed] this turn.
[Construct Foreman] Ruby Troop 1 Ruby Common 1 1
When this enters play, you may transform target artifact into a War Bot.
[Subterranean Saboteur] Sapphire Troop 6 Sapphire Common 2 3
Tunneling : 3
When this enters play, another target troop you control gets permanent +1Attack/+1Defense and Flight.
[Basic]Sapphire : Cost 2→Tunnel this troop.
[Scraptech Brawler] Ruby Troop 3 Ruby Uncommon 2 2
[Basic]Ruby: Cost 2Tunneling 3.

When this enters play, gain <3/0>.

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