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An Engine is a creation of the dwarves with a specific functionality.

List of Engine cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Surge Mechanism] Shardless Artifact 3 Rare
Cost 2, Action → Gain <0/1>.
[Hex Engine] Shardless Artifact 4 Uncommon
Action → Gain <2/0>.
[Dwarven Turbine] Shardless Artifact 1 Uncommon
Cost 1, Action → Ready another target artifact.
[Ingenuity Engine] Shardless Artifact 2 Token
Action → Create a random artifact and put it into play.
[Droo's Unrelenting Fists] Shardless Artifact 2 Rare
This enters play exhausted.

[Basic]: ③, Action → Add a fist counter to this, then deal 1 damage to a target random opposing champion or opposing troop for each fist counter on this.

At the end of your turn, if this is ready, destroy this.

There are 5 cards in this list.