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As this action resolves, shuffle it into your deck. Then, change the bold number in the text of each card with the same name as this action in your deck, hand, and graveyard by the number specified on the card.

When the Escalation keyword appears on a Basic Action card, it improves the other copies and itself for each one you play. Not only that, they also shuffle back into your deck! When you draw a copy of the card that was Escalated, it is twice as powerful as the first time you played it. Each one of these, when played a few times, have the potential to really give your opponent a run for their money.

One of these Escalation cards allows you to take the top card of the opponent’s deck and add it to your hand. The first one will just take one, the second will take two, and the third will take 3 cards. This keyword plays very well with a deck that allows you to draw or have access to as many cards as possible. The sooner you draw a card with the Escalation keyword and play it, the sooner you will be able to play it again for a stronger effect!


  • Escalation takes place as part of the action resolving. It is not a payment power of the action.
  • If an action with Escalation is interrupted (either through an effect or by having all of its targets made illegal), the action will not be shuffled into your deck, and the others you own will not escalate.
  • Escalation will also affect other cards with that name waiting to resolve on the chain.
  • An action with Escalation will also modify itself after being shuffled back into your deck.

Cards with Escalation[]

Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
Ragefire Ruby 2 Basic Action RubyRuby Rare Deal 2 damage to target champion or troop.

[Escalation] - Put this into your deck, then add 2 to the bold number of all your [Ragefires] in all zones.
Chronic Madness Sapphire 1 Basic Action Sapphire Rare Bury the top 4 cards of target champion's deck.

[Escalation] - Put this into your deck, then add 4 to the bold number of all your Chronic Madnesses in all zones.
Relentless Corruption Blood 3 Basic Action Blood MagicBlood Magic Rare Put the top 1 card of target opposing champion's deck into your hand. The thresholds of those cards all become Blood Magic.

[Escalation] - Put this into your deck, then add 1 to the bold number of all your [Relentless Corruptions] in all zones.
Eternal Youth Diamond 3 Basic Action DiamondDiamond Rare Gain 4 health.

[Escalation] - Put this into your deck, then add 4 to the bold number of all your [Eternal Youths] in all zones.
Crash of Beasts Wild 3 Basic Action Wild MagicWild Magic Rare Create 1 [Rhinoceros] and put it into play.

[Escalation] - Put this into your deck, then add 1 to the bold number of all your [Crash of Beasts] in all zones.

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