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Type: Troop -- Dwarf Mage
Shard: Sapphire
Cost: 1
Threshold: Sapphire
Race: Dwarf
Class: Mage
Faction: Underworld
Rarity: Common
Set: Shards of Fate
Number: 243
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
When this enters play, look at the top three cards of your deck. You may put an artifact from among them into your hand. If you do, it gets cost -Cost 1. Shuffle the remaining cards into your deck.

Related Equipment[]


Gearsmith is a Dwarven Troop with the special ability to take an artifact from the top 3 cards of your deck and reduce its cost. If multiple artifacts are found, you may only choose one and the rest are shuffled into your deck; only the selected artifact will have its cost permanently reduced. If no artifacts are found, you will be able to see the 3 cards, however they will be shuffled into the deck. The opponent will be unable to see the cards examined, or an artifact chosen, but will be able to see if a card was or was not taken.



  • Artifacts found by this card's effect can have their cost reduced to or below 0, allowing them to be played for free.
  • Artifacts with a cost of 1, such as [Charge Bot], [Dwarven Turbine], or [Sapper's Charge] can be played for free early in the game.
  • [Technical Genius] reduces the cost of all Artifacts, which can further lower the playing cost.


  • Gearsmith will most likely be included in an Artifact/Robot/Dwarf deck.
  • Once in play, Gearsmith has no special effects, and is a relatively weak troop. However, many other cards depend on having Dwarves.


  • Cost reduction persists unless card is reverted by another effect.
  • A card with a cost below 0 does not generate resources, but can be played without cost. The card is still numerically treated as having a negative cost value for effects that concern the playing cost.