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Goblins are vile, infuriating creatures. Highly intelligent, but aggressively immoral.

The necrotic did not even bother trying to recruit the goblins for the Underworld, knowing them to be far too deranged.

Blazing Cabal[]

A secluded conclave of insane goblins who call themselves the Blazing Cabal is rumoured to exist.

List of Goblin cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Fiendish Cabalist] Ruby Troop 3 RubyRuby Uncommon 0 1
This has +1Attack/+1Defense for each card in opposing champions' hands.
[Demented Demolisher] Blood Troop 4 Blood MagicBlood Magic Rare 2 2
③, Sacrifice this → Void all resources from your deck.
[Sadistic Castigator] Blood Troop 6 Blood MagicBlood MagicBlood Magic Rare 4 4

When an opposing champion draws a card, they reveal it. This deals damage to them equal to that card's cost.

There are 3 cards in this list.