Goblin Cooking Pot
Goblin Cooking Pot
Card Name Goblin Cooking Pot
Card Type Artifact
Cost 1
Threshold None
Rarity Uncommon
Card Effect
[BASIC] [1], Action, Sacrifice this artifact: Deal 1 damage to target champion. They lose a charge and bury the top card of their deck.
Card Lore
"Cooking" implies that there will soon be "eating".
Goblin Bomber Jacket Goblin Bomber Jacket (Rare)

This power also gives up to one target troop permanent -1Attack/-1Defense.
Goblin Battle Helm Goblin Battle Helm (Legendary)

When this artifact enters play, search your deck for a Goblin and put it into your hand.
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Player
Player vs. Environment
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