Hex Wiki

Creating a new card page in the wiki is relatively straightforward:

  1. First, search in the top right corner for the card you want to add. If it shows up, you know you don't need to add it. If it doesn't appear, click the link at the top of the search results: Create the page "Some Card" on this wiki!
  2. A good start for a card page is the infobox: Template:Card_infobox - copy and paste that template into your new card page.
  3. Fill in the card details; using normal wiki syntax. There are a couple of valuable templates available like:
  • {{a}} for Attack and {{d}} for Defense
  • {{blood}}, {{wild}}, {{diamond}}, {{sapphire}}, {{ruby}} for Blood Magic, Wild Magic, Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby
  • You can also use <br /> for new lines.
  1. If your card has equipment, once you have filled in the card details in the Card Infobox template, underneath that, add a line like {{Related equipment | Piece 1 | Piece 2}}.
  2. Now you have the basic skeleton, 'Save page', and you will see your card info box to the right with a link named something like '250px' where the image should be. Click that link.
  3. Choose a .png file for the card image, upload that using the directions on the page.
  4. Return to your page; you will likely have a few other links for equipment or generated tokens or the like to fill in. Click through any red links and fill in the remaining details. (There are a number of templates such as Template:Equipment_infobox to help with this process.)

You're done!