Hex Wiki

You want to make a page, but you're not sure how it should look?

This Style guide will help you make pages that look the same as all the other pages.

Where to Begin[]

The best place to start is by looking at similar pages. For example, if you were to add a card, you would look at the page of another card. Then click the "edit" button to see how that page was put together. In most cases you can simply copy & paste and the change the appropriate fields to create the new page.


American English[]

AE is preferred, since Cryptozoic Entertainment is a U.S.-based company.

Article titles[]

The title should be the subject of the first sentence of the article (and rather at its beginning than at the end). On first reference within the article, the title should be in bold, achieved by adding three apostrophes before and after the text: '''Article title''' gives Article title.


Normal English orthography applies here, unless an expression is used as a proper noun.


Category tags should be placed at the bottom of an article in an alphabetic fashion. Category tags should also be capitalized (for example, [[Category:Action cards]] rather than [[category:Action cards]]).


As a rule of thumb, slang expressions are not proper nouns and therefore should not be capitalized. However, if a term makes reference to a card or proper names, that portion is capitalized.


Indefinite third-person ("one") is preferred. Avoid second-person ("you") whenever possible. First-person ("I", "our") in reference to the editor(s) of an article should never be used.


Redirects are meant for:

  • Abbreviations
  • Alternate names
  • Foreign letters

Common typos should NOT be created as redirects. First, this encourages people to make the same mistake again, and second, we would get a dozen of redirects in some cases.

Section headings[]

Section headings are created by adding == before and after the text. No other emphasis is needed. Capitalize only the first word, and any proper nouns in the section heading, leaving all other words in lowercase. Also please do not make headings questions or long sentences.

Avoid first level headings (i.e. =Section=), since they appear at the same size as the title of the article.


Several symbol templates are provided. Use these templates, to ensure that your symbols are consistent with the rest of the wiki.


For some pagetypes, the wiki provides tooltips. These special links are generated by a tempalte. For the end user they are visible as a link surrounded by brackets.


When adding a card, the first thing to show on the page is the Card infobox. An in depth usage can be found on the template page.

Some important notes on the infobox:

  • No links are required, they are all generated by the infobox.
  • Make sure that you use the symbol templates for tresholds and in card description. See Help:Style_guide#Symbols.

When the card has equipment, it should be added directly after the infobox, through the use of Template:Related equipment. The usage is simple: {{Related equipment | Name 1| Name 2}}.

It's easy to start a card, by copying a similar card to the new page. You can also create an empty skeleton quickly by adding the following code: {{subst:Template:Card skeleton}}. Then save and then edit again. The skeleton will be added this way.


When adding equipment, the first thing to show on the page is the Equipment infobox. An in depth usage can be found on the template page.


To keep all decklists on the site consistent and clean, the template {{Decklist}} is available. Use of this template is encouraged for all decklists on the site.