Type: Troop -- Shroomkin
Shard: Wild
Cost: 4
Threshold: Wild Icon.png
Faction: Underworld
Rarity: Common
Set: Shards of Fate
Number: 304
Attack: 0
Defense: 0
The shroomkin are a race of sentient mushrooms. Soon after the shin'hare discovered their existence, they enslaved the shroomkin without resistance.
As this enters play, it gets +1 Attack.png /+1 Defense.png for each Wild Icon.png you have.



  • [Devoted Emissary] can be played out while Honeycap is on field and Honeycap may be returned to hand, Honeycap will retain gained attack and defence; then when played out again will get its effect again. For example if Honeycap is played out with 2 Wild Icon.png threshold it gets +2 Attack.png /+2 Defense.png then if played back to hand and played out again, it will get an additional +2 Attack.png /+2 Defense.png giving you a 4 Attack.png /4 Defense.png Honeycap.


  • Revert will remove the bonuses and kill the Honeycap, due to having 0 Defense.png .


  • The modifier is set when Honeycap enters play. It will not change if you later gain or lose threshold.
  • If Honeycap leaves play and then later re-enters, its power will trigger again, adding to its previous modifier.
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