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Ingenuity Engine
Ingenuity Engine.png
Type: Artifact -- Engine
Shard: Shardless
Cost: 2
Rarity: Token
Set: Shards of Fate
The dwarves build so many machines, they had to build a separate machine that helps them remember where they put them all.
Action → Create a random artifact and put it into play.


Ingenuity Engine is created when [Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine] accumulates 10 construction charges, which are gained by exhausting Robot or Dwarf troops. Ingenuity Engine's ability creates a random Artifact, including artifacts that are not in your deck, or artifacts that you do not own. Both artifact Troops and regular artifacts can be created, however created troops will be subject to Troop Trauma. Artifact token troops such as [Worker Bot] or [War Hulk] can also be created.




  • [Total Meltdown] will destroy Ingenuity Engine, and any artifacts it has created. Artifact Troops will be destroyed as well, many of which are Robots that helped construct Ingenuity Engine.


  • Many cards that combo well with Ingenuity Engine are Artifacts, that can be created by Ingenuity Engine.


  • Ingenuity Engine is not limited to creating artifacts in your deck or that you own.

Development Notes[]

  • Used to be called Inspiration Engine