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Insects come in all shapes and sizes.

List of Insect cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Battle Beetle] Wild Troop 6 Wild MagicWild Magic Rare 5 5

Cost 2 → This gets [Flight] this turn.
[Time Bug] Shardless Troop Artifact 2 Rare 1 1

Put two [Time Bugs] you control that dealt damage to an opposing champion this turn into your deck → Take an additional turn after this one.
[Giant Corpse Fly] Blood Troop 3 Blood MagicBlood Magic Common 2 1

When this enters play, target champion chooses and discards a card.
[Giant Cocoon] Wild Troop 1 Wild Magic Token 0 4

At the start of your turn, add a metamorphosis counter to this. Then, if there are three or more, remove them all and transform this into a [Giant Butterfly].
[Giant Butterfly] Wild Troop 1 Wild Magic Token 5 4

When this deals damage to an opposing champion, opposing troops get [Defensive] until the start of your next turn.
[Giant Caterpillar] Wild Troop 1 Wild Magic Rare 1 1
Wild MagicWild MagicWild Magic: Action → Transform this into a [Giant Cocoon].
[Giant Army Ants] Ruby Troop 4 Ruby Common 3 2
[Giant Mosquito] Blood Troop 2 Blood Magic Common 1 1

There are 8 cards in this list.