Lady Cassandra
Card Name Lady Cassandra
Card Type / Traits Troop / Human Warrior
Cost 4
Threshold 2 Diamond
Attack / Defense 3 / 4
Faction Ardent
Race Human
Rarity Legendary
Card Effect
Socketable Major.

When you play a card, gain health equal to its cost.
Card Lore
Lady Olwen is married to Prince Talysen, governor of of Gawaine and brother of the king.
ModularBreastplate Modular Breastplate (Rare)

Ruby: Swiftstrike.
Sapphire: Spellshield.
LordOlwensRing Lord Olwen's Ring (Legendary)

Once per game, if you control a Human, reveal Lady Cassandra from your hand: Gain a Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire.
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Environment Only
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