Legionnaire of Adamanth
Card Name Legionnaire of Adamanth
Card Type / Traits Troop / Human Warrior
Cost 6
Threshold 1 Diamond
Attack / Defense 0 / 0
Faction Ardent
Race Human
Rarity Rare
Card Effect
As the game starts, this troop gets permanent +1Attack/+1Defense for every three humans included in your deck.
Card Lore
The Citadel of Adamanthia, the castle residence of the human monarchs, is currently the home of His Royal Majesty, King Gabriel.
BeltOfTheLegion Belt of the Legion (Rare)

While this troop has 5 or more [DEF] it has Steadfast. While this troop has 10 or more [DEF] it has Lifedrain.
AdamanthianSword Adamanthian Sword (Legendary)

As the game starts create six Adamanthian Knights and shuffle them into your deck.
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Player
Player vs. Environment
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