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Damage dealt by this card also causes you to gain that much health.

Lifedrain grants your troop the ability to gain health for your champion whenever that troop deals damage. Lifedrain has some of the highest potential of any keyword to swing the course of a game. Giving any stat boost to a troop with Lifedrain goes a long way. If you modify the ATK of the troop, it will be gaining you extra health to keep you alive longer, while if you modify its DEF, than the troop will be more difficult to kill and be able to stay in play longer to gain health over time.

Lifedrain plays particularly well with Steadfast since you will have twice as many chances to gain health in combat, as well as Flight, which allows you to gain health nearly unhindered from the opponent and will force them to find an answer as soon as possible before they find themselves out of the game.


  • If a card with Lifedrain has no controller, it will cause its owner to gain health.
  • The health gain from Lifedrain occurs at the same time the damage is dealt. It is not a trigger.
  • Multiple instances of Lifedrain are not cumulative.

Cards with Lifedrain[]

Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
Corrupt Harvester Blood 4 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic Uncommon 3 3 [Lifedrain]

This can't be blocked except by artifact troops and/or blood troops.
Ozawa, Cosmic Elder Diamond 8 Troop DiamondDiamond Legendary 0 0 [Lifedrain]

This has +XAttack/+XDefense where X is your health.
Princess Victoria Diamond 3 Troop Diamond Rare 1 2 If Princess Victoria is in your opening hand she gets cost -③.

[Inspire] - As another troop with cost equal to or greater than #SELF#'s cost enters play under your control, that troop gets [Lifedrain].
Blood Aura Blood 3 Quick Action Blood Magic Common Target troop gets +1Attack/+1Defense and [Lifedrain].
Vampire King Blood 4 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic Legendary 3 4 [Flight], [Lifedrain]

When this deals damage to an opposing champion, reveal a random card from their hand. If it's a troop, transform it into a [Vampire] and put it into play under your control.
Vampire Blood 2 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic Token 2 2 [Lifedrain], [Flight]
Infusion of Diamond Diamond 2 Quick Action Diamond Uncommon Troops you control get [Lifedrain] this turn.
Living Totem Diamond 2 Troop Diamond Rare 2 2 ③ → This gets +1Attack/+1Defense.

③ → This gets [Swiftstrike].

③ → This gets [Flight].

③ → This gets [Lifedrain].

③ → This gets [Steadfast].
Spearcliff Cloud Knight Diamond 3 Troop DiamondDiamond Rare 3 2 [Flight], [Lifedrain], [Steadfast]
Sentinel of Light Diamond 2 Troop Diamond Token 4 4 [Lifedrain]

While you have 20 or more health, other troops you control have +2Attack/+2Defense.
Venus Fly Gorger Wild 4 Troop Wild MagicWild MagicWild Magic Token 5 5 [Lifedrain]
Starving Lich Blood 1 Troop Blood MagicBlood MagicBlood MagicBlood Magic Rare 2 2 Lethal, Speed, Lifedrain
Giant Mosquito Blood 2 Troop Blood Magic Common 1 1 [Flight], [Lifedrain]

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