Hex Wiki
Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Attack Defense Description
Void Marauder Sapphire 10 Troop SapphireSapphire 2 6 You pay [2] less to play this troop for each action in your graveyard.
When you play an action, you may play any number of actions with the same name in your graveyard without paying their costs.
The Wrath of Zakiir Ruby 7 Basic Action RubyRubyRuby You become a Dragon.
(You can only be attacked by troops with flight. You gain "[1 Charge]: Deal 3 damage to target champion or troop without Flight.")
Scourge Knight Blood 2 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic 2 1 When this troop attacks, each opposing champion buries the top two cards of his deck.
When theis troop is destroyed, put target troop from an opposing graveyard into play under your control.
Raid Leader's Blessing 0 Constant At the start of your turn, gain 1 health.
Sacrifice this constant: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to target champion this turn.
Prospero, Sylvan Enchanter Wild 3 Troop Wild MagicWild Magic 2 2 At the start of your turn, create a [Tempest Strike] and put it into your hand.
Lady Cassandra Diamond 4 Troop DiamondDiamond 3 4 SOCKETABLE MAJOR
When you play a card, gain health equal to its cost.
Uruunaz Blood 7 Troop Blood MagicBlood MagicBlood Magic 5 5 [Flight]

When Uruunaz enters play or deals damage to an opposing champion, you may put target troop from an opposing graveyard into play under your control.
Spectral Lotus Garden 0 Artifact (You may not include this card in your deck.)

The first time that you login each day, this creates a [Spectral Lotus] and adds it to your collection.
His Majesty, King Gabriel Diamond 6 Troop DiamondDiamond 4 4 [Steadfast]

When King Gabriel enters play, create [Boldheart] and put him into play.
Vampire King Blood 4 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic 3 4 [Flight], [Lifedrain]

When this deals damage to an opposing champion, reveal a random card from their hand. If it's a troop, transform it into a [Vampire] and put it into play under your control.
Zombie Plague Blood 3 Constant Blood MagicBlood Magic At the start of your turn, reveal three random cards from each opposing champion's deck. Troops revealed this way get -1Attack/-1Defense. Then, void each of those troops with Defense 0 or less. Create a [Zombie] for each troop voided this way and put them into play.
Ozawa, Cosmic Elder Diamond 8 Troop DiamondDiamond 0 0 [Lifedrain]

This has +XAttack/+XDefense where X is your health.
Rampaging Tarasque Ruby 5 Troop RubyRubyRubyRubyRuby 8 1 [Crush], [Speed]
The Kraken Sapphire 8 Troop SapphireSapphireSapphire 0 0 As The Kraken enters play, create eight [Kraken's Tentacles] and put them into play.

When The Kraken leaves play, void all [Kraken's Tentacles] you control.

The Kraken has +1Attack/+1Defense for each [Kraken's Tentacle] you control.
Zoltog Ruby 4 Troop RubyRuby 4 4 When an Orc troop you control deals damage to a champion, create a [Savage Raider] and put it into play.
Argus, Herald of Doom Shardless 12 Troop 5 5 [Flight]

At the start of your turn, reveal Argus from your hand, and it gets cost -Cost 1.

Action → Void target card.
Eye of Creation Wild 3 Basic Action Wild MagicWild MagicWild Magic Reveal the top X cards of your deck. Put each troop revealed this way into play. Shuffle the remaining cards into your deck.
Void Breach Sapphire 5 Basic Action SapphireSapphire Each champion creates a copy of each troop they control and puts it into play.
Jadiim Wild 5 Troop Wild MagicWild MagicWild Magic 5 5 [Flight]

When you play a non-resource card, Jadiim gets +XAttack/+XDefense this turn, where X is that card's cost.
Archmage Wrenlocke Sapphire 4 Troop SapphireSapphire 3 3 When you play an action, draw a card.
Comet Strike Shardless 10 Quick Action Void all cards in play, and from each champion's graveyard and hand.

Each champion gains <0/10> and 10 Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire.
Voodoo Doll 3 Artifact Cost 2 → Target champion reveals five random cards with different names from their deck. Choose one of those cards and void it.
High Tomb Lord Blood 6 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic 0 0 This has +1Attack/+1Defense for each card in all graveyards.
Gront's Favorite Pet Blood 5 Troop Blood MagicBlood MagicBlood Magic 0 0 When this troop enters play, void all troops from all graveyards. This troop gets permanent +Attack equal to the combined Attack of those troops, and +Defense equal to the combined Defense of those troops.
Eternal Guardian Shardless 8 Troop 4 4 [Flight]

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you and other troops you control.
Cosmic Transmogrifier Sapphire 5 Constant SapphireSapphire ③ → Transform each artifact, constant, and troop into a random artifact, constant, or troop with the same cost.
Reginald Lancashire Ruby 3 Troop Ruby 3 3 When Reginald deals damage to an opposing champion, put him into their deck and he gets "When Reginald enters your hand or graveyard, he destroys you." Then, each champion draws three cards.
Fist of Briggadon Wild 6 Troop Wild MagicWild MagicWild MagicWild MagicWild MagicWild Magic 6 6 [Invincible], [Crush]

Must attack.
Pack Raptor Wild 1 Troop Wild Magic 1 1 [Swiftstrike]

When this enters play, create four [Pack Raptors] and put them into your deck.

This has +1Attack/+1Defense for each other [Pack Raptor] you control.
Resurrection Diamond 9 Constant DiamondDiamondDiamond At the end of your turn, put target troop from your graveyard into play. It gets +2Attack/+2Defense.
Crown of the Primals Ruby 5 Constant RubyRubyRuby [ONE-SHOT] Cost 1 → Target troop gets [Speed], [Crush], [Swiftstrike], and [Rage 3].

When that troop leaves play, revert this.
Angel of Dawn Diamond 5 Troop Diamond 4 4 [Flight], [Steadfast]

Diamond: When you draw this, if it's the first card you drew this turn, play it for free.
Mastery of Time Sapphire 5 Basic Action SapphireSapphire Take an additional turn after this one.

Void this.
Zeedu Sapphire 7 Troop SapphireSapphireSapphire 5 5 [Flight]

When Zeedu deals damage to an opposing champion, choose a number. Create a copy of each card in your hand with cost equal to that number and put those copies into your hand. Then, create a copy of each card you control with cost equal to that number and put those copies into play.
Spectral Lotus 0 Artifact When this artifact enters play, draw a card.
Action → gain <3/0>, gain three [Threshold], and return this to your hand. It irreversibly transforms into [Black Tiger]. This change persists even after the game ends.
Tectonic Megahulk 10 Troop 10 10 Crush

[Basic]: Cost 2Tunneling 15.

As your turn starts, reduce this troop's tunneling time by 1 for each Dwarf and/or Robot you control.
Eternal Drifter Shardless 6 Troop 6 6 When this enters play, this gets a random champion charge power. Then, this gains a charge for each charge you gained this game.

When you gain a charge, this gains a charge.

This card can use charge powers without meeting their threshold requirements.
Citadel of Adamanth Diamond 8 Basic Action DiamondDiamond Create four Castle Walls, three Burning Oils, and two Sniper Towers, and put them into play.
Mass Polymorph: Dingler Sapphire 8 Basic Action SapphireSapphire Revert each opposing troop and each troop in opposing hands. Transform those cards into Dinglers.