Hex Wiki
Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Attack Defense Description
Orson's Dream Wild 2 Troop Wild MagicWild Magic 1 3 [X]:Transform this troop into a random troop that costs X. This troop retains this ability.
Spectral Assassin Sapphire 5 Troop SapphireSapphire 3 2 This troop is stalking _____. (as the game starts, this troop begins stalking a random troop in an opponent's deck)
When a troop being stalked by this troop enters play, you may play this troop for free. If you do, destroy that troop.
Infected Zombie Blood 3 Troop Blood MagicBlood Magic 2 2 When this troop deals fatal damage to a troop, transform that troop into Infected Zombie and put it into play under your control.
The Crowd Roars! Ruby 3 Quick Action Ruby When an opposing troop dies, this action's effect is permantly increased by +1 Attack/+0 Defense. This power is active in all zones.

Troops you control get +0 Attack/+0 Defense this turn.

Ninja Training Blood 0 Basic Action Blood MagicBlood Magic Draw cards equal to this action's cost.
Blood MagicBlood Magic [2], Reveal this action from your hand: Target attacking troop gets -1 Attack/-1 Defense this turn. This action gets permanent cost +[1].
Moment of Glory Diamond 4 Quick Action DiamondDiamond Target blocking or blocked troop you control gets +8 Attack/+8 Defense this turn.
DiamondDiamond: When one of your troops blocks or becomes blocked by a troop with Attack greater than its Defense, there's a 10% chance that you may play this action from your deck for free.
Chest'O Hex 2 Artifact [1], Action: Create a random card and put it into the Chest'O Hex.

[X], Action, sacrifice this artifact: Remove the treshold from all cards in the Chest'O Hex and put them into your hand. (X is equal to the number of cards in the Chest'O Hex.)
Princess Cory Diamond 6 Troop DiamondDiamond 1 1 If Princess Cory is in your opening hand, she gets permanent +6 Attack/ +6 Defense. When Princess Cory deals damage to an opposing champion, create that many random Legendary troops and put them into play.
Information Control Sapphire 4 Basic Action SapphireSapphire Look at the top five cards of target champions deck. You may void any number of those cards, then put the rest back on top in any order.
Arena of Souls Blood Magic 3 Constant Blood MagicBlood Magic When a troop you control dies, void it. Then, if five or more troops have been voided this way, sacrifice this constant and put those troops into play under your control.