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Here you can find a list of fansites for HexTCG.

This page is not intended for guildsites. Please see List of guilds.

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Adding your Site[]

You are advised to register/log in before you make any changes.


Currently these are the rules.

  • Site must provide regular Hex content.
  • Site may NOT break any rules set by CZE.
  • Site must be active. Sites are deemed active if a post has been made within the past 2 months.
  • After 3 months of inactivity, inactive sites should be moved to List of inactive fansites.


To make it fit in properly, just add the following code in the right alphabetic name order of the designated block. Replace the right fields with the corresponding values.

| [http://Web-Address Name] || Language || Short description

The page will not properly sort itself. The user has the ability to sort the tables.


These pages are closely monitored by the Hex Wiki Administrators. All abuse will be properly handled. You too can help, by reverting any abusive edits.