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Some cards refer to a pet or master. A card’s “pet” is any troop that it created with the Pet troop type, while a Pet’s “master” is the card that created it.

The pet/master relationship is remembered no matter what zone either card is in, or if one or both of them have transformed.

List of Pets[]

Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
Silver Talon Senator Sapphire 2 Troop Sapphire Token 1 1 [Flight]

When this deals damage to an opposing champion, its master gets +1Attack/+1Defense.
Turtle Pet Diamond 3 Troop Diamond Token 1 3 Action → Prevent the next 3 damage that would be dealt to this troop's master this turn.
Royal Falcon Ruby 3 Troop Ruby Token 0 1 [Flight]

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