Petulant Wyldebeest
Card Name Petulant Wyldebeest
Card Type / Traits Troop / Plant
Cost 1
Threshold 1 Wild
Attack / Defense 3 / 3
Faction None
Race Plant
Rarity Rare
Card Effect

At end of turn, shuffle this troop into your deck. If you do, it gets permanent +3Attack/+3Defense and permanently loses this power.

BreastplateOfPetulance Breastplate of Petulance (Rare)

All Petulant Wyldebeests in your deck get permanent +3Attack/+3Defense instead.
VeteransLance Veteran's Lance (Legendary)

When this troop attacks, it gets +2Attack/+0Defense and Crush this turn.
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Player
Player vs. Environment
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