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Primals are god-like beings that exist in the physical realm on Entrath and perform the tasks of creating and maintaining the world.

The Primals shape the continents, flood the oceans, mold the mountains, weave the forests, paint the clouds, and scatter life amongst it all. A Primal exists for every piece of the world: a Primal for trees, another for wind, another for fish, and plants, and dreams, and badgers, and beauty, and fire, and everything else the planet can hold.

Primals do not age and are extraordinarily difficult to kill, but in rare circumstances, they can die. For example, Lycae, the Primal of wolves, sacrificed herself by shattering her own Primal soul and distributed the power into her remaining children, transforming them into enormous, powerful creatures now known as the Great Wolves, each bonded with the lineage of a noble human knight.

Many mortals worship one or more Primals as a deity. Some Primals allow themselves to interact directly with mortals, others prefer to remain aloof.


Angels and Demons are the avatars of the primals.

List of Primals[]