Princess Victoria
Princess Victoria.png
Type: Troop -- Human Princess
Shard: Diamond
Cost: 3
Threshold: Diamond Icon.png
Race: Human
Faction: Ardent
Rarity: Rare
Set: Shards of Fate
Number: 139
Attack: 1
Defense: 2
If Princess Victoria is in your opening hand she gets cost -③.

[Inspire] - As another troop with cost equal to or greater than #SELF#'s cost enters play under your control, that troop gets [Lifedrain].



  • Having her in your opening hand allows her to inspire almost all other troops that you will play.
  • If a troop is lowered below 0, for example with [Spirit Dance], it will not get inspired.


  • Your opening hand is your hand of cards after resolving any mulligans.
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