When this troop attacks, it gets permanent +4 Attack.png /+0 Defense.png

Rage is a keyword that will reward you for attacking, so naturally, it is the domain of the orcs. Each time your troop with Rage attacks, it will permanently have its ATK increased by the Rage amount. Each card with rage will have a number associated with it, which tells you how much the troops ATK will increase when it attacks. Rage has some strong interactions with other keywords. For example, a Troop with Rage and Flight will make it much more likely that you get damage through to the opposing champion. A troop with Rage and Lifedrain on the other hand will mean that the health gap between you and your opponent will become larger each time you attack with the troop with Rage and manage to deal damage with it.


  • Multiple instances of Rage are cumulative. If a troop has Rage 1 and Rage 2, it will get permanent +3 /+0 when it attacks.

Cards with Rage

Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
Throat Cutter Blood 3 Troop Blood Icon.png Uncommon 2 2 This and other Orcs you control have [Rage 1].
Goreseeker Ruby 5 Troop Ruby Icon.png Ruby Icon.png Uncommon 3 2 [Swiftstrike], [Rage 1]

(When this attacks, it gets +1 Attack.png /+0 Defense.png .)
Gore Feast of Kog'Tepetl Ruby 4 Basic Action Ruby Icon.png Ruby Icon.png Rare Troops you control get [Rage 1] this turn.

After the first postcombat main phase this turn, there's an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase. At the start of that combat phase, ready each troop that attacked this turn.
Thunderbird Sapphire 2 Troop Sapphire Icon.png Sapphire Icon.png Common 1 1 [Flight], [Rage 1]

(When this attacks, it gets +1 Attack.png /+0 Defense.png )
Cottontail Ronin Wild 1 Troop Wild Icon.png Common 0 2 [Rage 1] (When this attacks, it gets +1 Attack.png /+0 Defense.png )
Ravenous Piranha Sapphire 1 Troop Sapphire Icon.png Token 1 1 [Rage 1]

This troop must attack each turn if able.
Gortezuma, High Cleric Blood Magic 2 Troop Blood Icon.png Rare 1 2 Rage 1
Gortezuma refuses to block, as death by blocking is not fit for a High Clereic of Kog'tepetl!

While an opposing champion has 10 or less health, Gortezuma has Invincible.
Brutal Bonecracker Blood 4 Troop Blood Icon.png Common 2 3 [Rage 1]

While you control another Orc, this has [Speed].
Wrathseeker Ruby 3 Troop Ruby Icon.png Common 1 1 [Rage 2] (When this attacks, it gets +2 Attack.png /+0 Defense.png .)
Incite Fury Ruby 3 Basic Action Ruby Icon.png Common Target troop gets [Rage 2]. (When this attacks, it gets +2 Attack.png /+0 Defense.png .)
Ambershire Instigator Wild 5 Troop Wild Icon.png Wild Icon.png Uncommon 2 4 [Crush], [Rage 2] (When this attacks, it gets +2 Attack.png /+0 Defense.png ).
Ash Harpy Ruby 6 Troop Ruby Icon.png Ruby Icon.png Rare 0 4 [Flight], [Speed], [Rage 4]
Attack Dog Wild Magic 1 Troop Wild Icon.png Token 0 1 [Rage1]
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