Card Name Ragefire
Card Type Basic Action
Cost 2
Threshold 2 Ruby
Rarity Promo
Card Effect
Deal 2 damage to target champion or troop.

Escalation. (As this action resolves, shuffle it into your deck. Then, double the bold number in the text of each card with the same name as this action in your deck, hand, and graveyard.)
StaffOfDevouringConflagration Staff Of The Devouring Conflagration (Rare)

As this action resolves, escalate each card you own with Escalation in all zones instead.
FuseStrikerBoots Fuse Striker Boots (Legendary)

Reveal the top five cards of your deck. You may play any revealed Ragefires without paying their cost.
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Player
Player vs. Environment
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