Rampaging Tarasque
Card Name Rampaging Tarasque
Card Type / Traits Troop / Avatar of Destruction
Cost 5
Threshold 5 Ruby
Attack / Defense 8 / 1
Faction None
Race None
Rarity Legendary
Card Effect
Crush, Speed.
Card Lore
Vuul is the Primal of Destruction. His avatars are magnificent exemplars capable of utter destruction.
BreastplateOfPulverizing Breastplate Of Pulverizing (Uncommon)

When this troop dies, you may pay 10 health to put it into your hand.
JuggernautRing Juggernaut Ring (Rare)

When an opposing champion targets this troop, they take damage equal to its [ATK].
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Player
Player vs. Environment
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Different version of card. Not certain which is most recent version.

Rampaging Tarasque2