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With a deep understanding of the regions they inhabit, rangers stoically protect their homelands with their trusted companions at their side. Elven rangers of Feralroot, coyotle masters of the hunt, and vennen trapmasters are a few examples.


Coyotle rangers are responsible for the physical protection of the tribe from enemies.


When raiding, orc rangers usually employ non-lethal traps to keep their victims alive so they can be brought to the arena for combat.

List of Ranger cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[One Eye Open] Champion
[BASIC] Diamond, [3 CHARGES]: Ready each troop you control.
[Elimination Specialist] Ruby Troop 4 Ruby Uncommon 3 2
This enters play with a rocket counter for each artifact you control.

[Basic] Remove a rocket counter from this → This deals 1 damage to target troop.

At end of turn, remove all rocket counters from this.
[Ambershire Instigator] Wild Troop 5 Wild MagicWild Magic Uncommon 2 4
[Crush], [Rage 2] (When this attacks, it gets +2Attack/+0Defense).
[Sniper of Gawaine] Ruby Troop 5 RubyRuby Common 2 2
When this enters play, it deals damage equal to its Attack to target champion or troop.
[Mazat Ranger] Blood Troop 4 Blood Magic Common 4 1
[Phoenix Guard Scout] Sapphire Troop 2 Sapphire Common 1 3
[Monika'shin] Champion 0
[BASIC] Wild Magic, [3 CHARGES]: Create a [Battle Hopper] and put it into play.
[Polonius] Champion 20
[BASIC] Wild MagicWild MagicWild Magic, [8 CHARGES]: Create a [Mammoth Squirrel Titan] and put it into play.
[Prairie Scout] Diamond Troop 1 Diamond Uncommon 1 1
Action → Target attacking troop gets +1Attack/+1Defense this turn.
[Rocket Ranger] Ruby Troop 3 Ruby Rare 2 2
While you control one or more artifacts, this has [Flight].

While you control three or more artifacts, this has +2Attack/+2Defense.

While you control five or more artifacts, when this attacks, it deals 4 damage to target opposing champion.
[Shellsafe Sure Shot] Diamond Troop 4 DiamondDiamond Uncommon 3 2
When this enters play, create a [Turtle Pet] and put it into play.
[Wyatt the Sapper] Champion
[BASIC] SapphireSapphire, [5 CHARGES]: Draw a card.
[Zoltog] Ruby Troop 4 RubyRuby Legendary 4 4
When an Orc troop you control deals damage to a champion, create a [Savage Raider] and put it into play.
[Royal Falconer] Ruby Troop 4 Ruby Rare 2 1
When this enters play, create two [Royal Falcons] and put them into play.

This troop's pets have +Attack equal to this troop's Attack.
[Nelebrin Skirmisher] Wild Troop 3 Wild Magic Uncommon 2 1

When this deals damage to an opposing champion, it gets +1Attack/+1Defense.
[Phoenix Guard Trainer] Sapphire Troop 3 Sapphire Common 2 2
[Inspire] - As another troop with cost equal to or greater than this troop's cost enters play under your control, that troop gets [Flight].
[Master Beast Rider] Wild Troop 3 Wild Magic Common 2 2
When this troop enters play, target troop has + Attack equal to this troop's Attack and + Defense equal to this troop's Defense this turn.
[Savage Raider] Ruby Troop 1 Ruby Common 2 1
Must attack.
[Rune Ear Burrower] Wild Magic Troop 4 Wild Magic Common 1 1
Tunneling: 3
When this enters play, it gets permanent +1Attack/+1Defense for each other troop you control.
[Basic]Wild Magic:Cost 2→Tunnel this troop.
[Burrow Bunny] Blood Magic Troop 4 Blood Magic Common 4 1
Tunneling : 2
[Basic]Blood Magic : Cost 2→Tunnel this troop.
[Ridge Raider] Ruby Troop 1 Ruby Common 1 1
When you control another Orc, this has +1Attack/+1Defense.

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