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Human swashbucklers with their silver tongues, dwarves that have learned the art of camouflage, and elven troubadour assassins are just a few examples of rogues in the world of Entrath.


Vennen rogues descend on their victims quietly from great heights, dangling on a single thread.


Orc rogues serve as raiders and slavers that capture resources such as food and weapons, as well as various creatures that are then forced to fight in the arena of the Mountain God.


Masters of camouflage, dwarf rogues can mimic any rocky area and silently pass through solid stone.


Necrotic rogues can walk from shadow to shadow or even become as formless as smoke.

List of Rogue cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Brood Creeper] Blood Troop 3 Blood MagicBlood Magic Uncommon 3 2
When this deals damage to an opposing champion, create a [Spiderspawn] and put it into play.
[Buccaneer] Sapphire Troop 3 Sapphire Common 2 2
When this enters play, you may put target troop into its controller's hand. If you do, it gets cost +Cost 1.
[Cavern Commando] Sapphire Troop 3 Sapphire Common 1 4
[Daring Swordsman] Ruby Troop 4 Ruby Uncommon 2 2
This deals double damage.
[Darkspire Enforcer] Blood Troop 3 Blood Magic Common 3 2
[Killblade of the Milky Eye] Blood Troop 1 Blood Magic Common 1 1
[Kraken Guard Mariner] Diamond Troop 2 Diamond Uncommon 2 2
[Inspire] - As another troop with cost equal to or greater than this troop's cost enters play under your control, that troop gets [Steadfast].
[Lionel Flynn] Champion 20
[BASIC] Ruby, [5 CHARGES]: Target Troop gets permanent +3Attack/+0Defense.
[Lixil, the Deathless Gem] Diamond Troop 3 Diamond Rare 3 3
When this enters play, choose a Standard resource from among those currently in your deck. Gain the threshold that resource provides.

Blood MagicDiamondRubySapphireWild Magic: [Invincible].
[Nin the Shadow] Champion
[BASIC] Sapphire, [2 CHARGES]: Target champion buries the top two cards of his deck.
[Quick Strider] Diamond Troop 3 Diamond Common 2 2
[Reginald Lancashire] Ruby Troop 3 Ruby Legendary 3 3
When Reginald deals damage to an opposing champion, put him into their deck and he gets "When Reginald enters your hand or graveyard, he destroys you." Then, each champion draws three cards.
[Shadowblade Lurker] Ruby Troop 3 Ruby Common 2 3
[Subterranean Saboteur] Sapphire Troop 6 Sapphire Common 2 3
Tunneling : 3
When this enters play, another target troop you control gets permanent +1Attack/+1Defense and Flight.
[Basic]Sapphire : Cost 2→Tunnel this troop.
[Throat Cutter] Blood Troop 3 Blood Magic Uncommon 2 2
This and other Orcs you control have [Rage 1].
[Zared Venomscorn] Champion
[BASIC] Blood Magic, [4 CHARGES]: Target troop gets permanent -1Attack / -1Defense.

There are 16 cards in this list.