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The shroomkin are a race of sentient mushrooms. Their disposition is generally serene and cheerful.

For centuries, the shroomkin lived happily in their fungus-infested subterranean caverns. They built an unsophisticated, peaceful society and lived a contented, simple existence with no ambition other than to be passive and comfortable.

One thousand years ago, the shin’hare were driven underground by the humans and the elves in an effort to exile the aggressive rabbits from the surface world once and for all. Soon after establishing themselves in the underground jungles of Monsagi, the shin’hare discovered the existence of the shroomkin and quickly enslaved them. The shroomkin did not resist their bondage, mostly because they did not know how.

For centuries before being driven underground, the shin’hare had tried and failed to enslave a number of the surface races. Now that they had successfully subjugated an entire species, the shin’hare unleashed all of their sadistic tendencies on the shroomkin. They use the fungus people as manual laborers until they die from overwork. They kill shroomkin and grind them into a fungoid paste to feed to their rabbit litters. Shin’hare warlocks consume shroomkin souls in gruesome Blood Magic rituals. Rangers and warriors use living shroomkin as walking target dummies.

Shroomkin generally communicate through various fungal appendages that they use as a rudimentary sign language. They are capable of speech, but they rarely talk, mostly because they forget they can.

Most shroomkin are about two to three feet tall, with a bulbous, mushroom-like head. However, the fungus people do occasionally appear in more extreme sizes, from tiny waddling balls of shrooms no bigger than a shin’hare’s foot all the way to mutated monstrosities a hundred feet tall. There are shroomkin in the shape of various animals, such as horses or dogs, that the shin’hare subdue and use as beasts of burden.

Despite the unending cruelty and dominance of the shin’hare, the shroomkin always maintain their contented disposition. So far, they have made no attempt to free themselves from their oppression.

List of Shroomkin cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[The Shroomgarian] Wild Troop 4 Wild Magic Token 1 1
When this troop attacks or blocks, it gets permanent +2 Attack/+9 Defense.
[The Mushwocky] Blood Troop 4 Blood MagicBlood Magic Rare 1 1
As The Mushwocky enters play, if it is hungry*, you may sacrifice any number of Shin'hare. The Mushwocky gets +3Attack/+3Defense for each Shin'hare sacrificed this way.
[Spore Boss Fungoo] Wild Magic Troop 4 Wild MagicWild Magic Token 4 4
Action, sacrifice a Shroomkin: Create a copy of another target Shroomkin and put it into play under your control.
[Shroomtank] Wild Troop 5 Wild MagicWild Magic Common 3 3
When this enters play, create two [Battle Hoppers] and put them into play.
[Shroomshaw] Blood Troop 2 Blood Magic Common 1 1
When this dies, create two [Battle Hoppers] and put them into play.
[Shroomador Dali] Wild Magic Troop 4 Wild Magic Token 2 7
At the end of your turn, gain 2 health for each troop in play.
[Fungus Royale] Wild Magic Troop 4 Wild Magic Token 1 1
At the start of your turn, put a random card from an opposing champion's hand into your hand.
[Fooo Manshroom] Wild Magic Troop 4 Wild Magic Token 2 2
When this troop dies, target champion buries the top twenty cards of their deck.
[Honeycap] Wild Troop 4 Wild Magic Common 0 0
As this enters play, it gets +1Attack/+1Defense for each Wild Magic you have.

There are 9 cards in this list.