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This troop can attack and use Action powers regardless of how long it’s been under your control.

Speed allows you to break one of the fundamental rules of the game. Normally when you play a troop, it cannot attack on the same turn that it came into play. Speed runs right by that rule and allows the troop to attack immediately. This keyword gives you a huge chance to surprise people. Most opponents will try to plan ahead for the troops they see in play. With Speed though, that goes right out the window and you can really push through a great deal of damage if they are not ready for it!

Speed plays very aggressively, which is the nature of the mechanic. I would recommend looking for troops with Speed for those players that are looking to finish off an opponent as soon as possible.

Cards with Speed[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Baby Yeti] Ruby Troop 1 Ruby Common 1 1
[Blaze Elemental] Ruby Troop 3 RubyRuby Token 3 1

At the end of your turn, sacrifice this.
[Rampaging Tarasque] Ruby Troop 5 RubyRubyRubyRubyRuby Legendary 8 1
[Crush], [Speed]
[Verdant Wyldeboar] Wild Troop 2 Wild Magic Rare 4 4

At end of turn, put this into your deck. If you do, this gets +4Attack/+4Defense, then loses this power.
[Crown of the Primals] Ruby Constant 5 RubyRubyRuby Legendary
[ONE-SHOT] Cost 1 → Target troop gets [Speed], [Crush], [Swiftstrike], and [Rage 3].

When that troop leaves play, revert this.
[The Triumvirate] Ruby Troop 9 DiamondRubySapphire Token 9 9
[Flight], [Speed], [Steadfast]

When The Triumvirate attacks, draw three cards, then gain 3 health for each card in your hand, then deal 3 damage to each opposing champion and troop.
[Scrap Welder] Ruby Troop 4 Ruby Common 2 2
When this enters play, if you control an artifact, this gets +3Attack/+0Defense, [Flight], and [Speed] this turn.
[Furious Taskmaster] Ruby Troop 2 Ruby Uncommon 2 2
Cost 1 → Target Orc you control gets [Speed] this turn.
[Lord Alexander, the Courageous] Ruby Troop 3 Ruby Rare 3 3
[Inspire] - As another troop with cost equal to or greater than #SELF#'s cost enters play under your control, that troop gets [Speed].
[Ash Harpy] Ruby Troop 6 RubyRuby Rare 0 4
[Master Theorycrafter] Ruby Troop 5 RubyRuby Rare 2 2

Cost 2, Action → Create a [War Bot] and put it into play. It gets [Speed] and the socketed powers of this. At end of turn, void that [War Bot].
[Inferno Elemental] Ruby Troop 1 Ruby Token 6 3
[Starving Lich] Blood Troop 1 Blood MagicBlood MagicBlood MagicBlood Magic Rare 2 2
[Psychotic Anarchist] Ruby Troop 2 RubyRuby Rare 2 2
When this deals damage to an opposing champion, each champion draws a card.
[Brutal Bonecracker] Blood Troop 4 Blood Magic Common 2 3
[Rage 1]

While you control another Orc, this has [Speed].

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