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This card can’t be targeted by opposing cards and effects.

This keyword helps keep your troops alive from an opponent’s targeted spells or effects. Opposing champions cannot target a card with Spellshield. This does not stop you from being able to target your troop though (so, for example, a Shellshielded troop can still gain the benefits of Inspire). It works perfectly for trying to keep a troop around and build them into something that will become a serious problem for the opponent.

Any stat modifiers go perfectly on troops with this keyword since they will be very difficult to deal with. It pairs very well with most keywords by just giving them extra protection and allowing the troop to not be bothered by targeted effects the opponent controls.

You should be aware though that spells or effects that don't have the word target in them, will still affect troops with Spellshield. For example [Judgement] will still affect cards with Spellshield.


  • A card with Spellshield can’t be targeted by opposing cards and effects only while in play.

Cards with Spellshield[]

Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
Forgotten Lord Diamond 5 Troop DiamondDiamond Uncommon 3 4 [Steadfast], [Spellshield]
Necrotic Merchant Sapphire 1 Troop Sapphire Common 1 1 [Spellshield]
Soul Cavalry Diamond 2 Troop Diamond Token 6 6 [Spellshield], [Steadfast]
Storm Colossus Sapphire 7 Troop SapphireSapphireSapphire Rare 6 6 [Flight], [Spellshield]
Soul Armaments Diamond 2 Constant Diamond Token Troops you control have +2Attack/+2Defense, [Spellshield], and [Steadfast].
Arcane Shield Sapphire 2 Quick Action SapphireSapphire Uncommon Target troop gets [Spellshield].
Dandelion Sprite Wild 2 Troop Wild Magic Uncommon 1 2 Wild MagicWild MagicWild Magic: [Flight], [Spellshield].
Feral Beast Wild 1 Troop Wild Magic Token 6 3 [Spellshield]

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