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This troop deals combat damage before troops without swiftstrike.

Swiftstrike is a keyword that makes your troop particularly effective at combat with other troops. When a troop with Swiftstrike is in combat with another troop, the troop with Swiftstrike will deal damage to the opposing troop before they have a chance to deal damage back. This means that the Swiftstrike troop could eliminate his opponent before they have a chance to fight back. Troops with Swiftstrike can be very difficult to deal with.

Swiftstrike really puts an emphasis on the ATK value of the troop, since the DEF could be irrelevant as long as your troop can kill off the opposing troop before it will deal damage. Look for effects that increase ATK to really push the strength of this keyword. Swiftstrike pairs very well with Rage and Steadfast.


  • If a troop loses Swiftstrike after it has already dealt its combat damage, it will not deal damage again when non-Swiftstrike troops deal damage. If a troop gains Swiftstrike after other troops with Swiftstrike have dealt their combat damage, it will deal damage with the non-Swiftstrike troops during that combat instead.

Cards with Swiftstrike[]

Card Shard Cost Type Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
Crown of the Primals Ruby 5 Constant RubyRubyRuby Legendary [ONE-SHOT] Cost 1 → Target troop gets [Speed], [Crush], [Swiftstrike], and [Rage 3].

When that troop leaves play, revert this.
Emberspire Witch Ruby 2 Troop RubyRuby Rare 2 2 [Swiftstrike]

Champions can't gain health.
Goreseeker Ruby 5 Troop RubyRuby Uncommon 3 2 [Swiftstrike], [Rage 1]

(When this attacks, it gets +1Attack/+0Defense.)
Living Totem Diamond 2 Troop Diamond Rare 2 2 ③ → This gets +1Attack/+1Defense.

③ → This gets [Swiftstrike].

③ → This gets [Flight].

③ → This gets [Lifedrain].

③ → This gets [Steadfast].
Pack Raptor Wild 1 Troop Wild Magic Legendary 1 1 [Swiftstrike]

When this enters play, create four [Pack Raptors] and put them into your deck.

This has +1Attack/+1Defense for each other [Pack Raptor] you control.
Quick Strider Diamond 3 Troop Diamond Common 2 2 [Swiftstrike]
Ruby Aura Ruby 2 Quick Action Ruby Common Target troop gets +1Attack/+0Defense and [Swiftstrike].
Ruby Enchantress Ruby 3 Troop Ruby Uncommon 2 1 [Inspire] - As another troop with cost equal to or greater than this troop's cost enters play under your control, that troop gets [Swiftstrike].

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