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Technical Genius
Technical Genius.png
Type: Troop -- Dwarf Cleric
Shard: Sapphire
Cost: 2
Threshold: Sapphire
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Faction: Underworld
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Shards of Fate
Number: 272
Attack: 1
Defense: 2
With their beliefs rooted in the idea of a great golem that lives at the center of the planet and controls everything that happens, dwarf clerics are deeply connected to the idea of machine supremacy.
Your artifacts in all zones have cost -Cost 1.

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Technical Genius is a dwarven troop with the ability to reduce the cost of artifacts you own. This ability extends to artifacts in your deck, your hand, and your graveyard. This ability only functions while Technical Genius is in play.



  • Technical Genius reduces the casting cost of [Pterobot] by 2 resources, one for being a dwarf, and the other for this card's effect.
  • Playing Technical Genius before artifact cards can reduce their costs, and allow them to be played for less resources, or for free.
  • The cost reduction effect stacks with other Technical Genius troops in play.
  • Cards like [Heavy Welding Bot] or [Doppelgadget] can put only target artifacts below a certain playing cost. Technical Genius can reduce the cost of artifact that would otherwise could not be targeted.


  • The cost reduction effect is not permanent, and ends if Technical Genius is removed from play. Artifacts that were affected have their costs readjusted.
  • Killing an early Technical Genius can disrupt combos of artifact and robot cards.


  • This card's effect can reduce an artifacts playing cost to or below 0. Cards with a cost below 0 do not generate resources, and are simply played for free.
  • The power works unfavorably with inspire troops, as the artifact troops have less chance to be inspired.


  • During development the card used to cost 1 instead of 2.
  • Used to be called Journeyman Technician