List of cards


This template outputs a table of cards, with data gathered from the usage of Template:Card infobox on those cards' pages.

In it's simplest form, you call it with just a category:

{{List of cards|Diamond cards}}

A slightly more advanced example that would show all Diamond and Sapphire cards that are in Category:Diamond cards or Category:Sapphire cards, and are also Human (in Category:Human cards):

{{List of cards
| category = Diamond cards¦Saphire cards
| category2 = Human cards

Full list of usable parameters:

{{List of cards
| category = 
| category2 =
| category3 =
| notcategory =
| notcategory2 =
| notcategory3 =
| notcategory4 =
| notcategory5 =
| notcategory6 =
| notcategory7 =
| notcategory8 =
| notcategory9 =
| titlematch =
| notitlematch =
| shownumbers = 


category, category2, category3
Optional. Selects only the cards from the given categories. If a card should be in one of multiple categories, they should be separated by broken bar (¦) characters within one category statement. A broken bar can be inserted with {{subst:broken bar}}.
notcategory, notcategory2, notcategory3, ..., notcategory9
Optional. Filters out cards from the given categories.
Optional. Selects only pages the titlematch filter applies to. Broken bars can be used for multiple titles.
Optional. Exludes pages. Should only be used with other criteria. Broken bars can be used for multiple titles.
Optional. Shows card numbers. "yes" or "no" (default).
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