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Tunneling : X - Pay Cost2.png to place this troop underground. At the beginning of your turn, add a Tunneling counter to each underground troop you control. If an underground troop has X Tunneling counters, put it into play for no cost.

Tunneling is a keyword that will be introduced in Shattered Destiny. Tunneled card enter "underground" and are not considered in play. They will not be targeted by cards such as [Extinction].


  • All troops have a tunneling cost of Cost2.png , however many troops with Tunneling have a threshold cost.
  • A troop will be able to attack the turn it enters play from underground, as long as it was not tunneled the same turn.
  • Opponents will only be able to see that a troop was tunneled. They will be unable to see what card was played, or how many Tunneling counters are on an underground card.

Cards with Tunneling

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