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War Bot
War Bot.png
Type: Troop , Artifact -- Robot
Shard: Shardless
Cost: 4
Rarity: Token
Set: Shards of Fate
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
>>Primary functionality systems operational.
>>Secondary integration mechanisms engaged.
>>Guidance algorithm awaits external actuation.


War Bots are token troops with no special abilities. As Artifacts and Robots, they are subject to many card effects that buff or destroy them.





  • A standard War Bot does not pose a significant threat by itself.
  • Cards such as [Buccaneer] that can return cards to hand are effective against War Bot as it is a relatively inefficient as a 3/3 for 4 resources and no special effects.


  • War Bot's playing cost of 4 is usually irrelevant, unless placed into your hand or an effect comes into play that cares about a card's playing cost.


  • The art of [Malfunctioning War Bot] depicts a regular War Bot running wild. [Experimental War Hulk] has characteristics of both a War Bot and a War Hulk despite its name.
  • Malfunctioning War Bot is a regulation card that can be included in a deck, however a regular "functioning" War Bot is a token that must be created in game, and can not be collected nor included in a deck.