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A witch is a being with a strong magical affinity.


A Shadowgrove witch named Hecate helped Oberon transform into a force of pure Wild Magic.


The witch of the Emberspire fuels her magic by extracting the souls of those she tortures.


The mysterious and beautiful spellcasters of the Glimmerglen aid those they deem worthy.

List of Witch cards[]

Card Shard Type Cost Threshold Rarity Attack Defense Description
[Shadowgrove Witch] Blood Troop 4 Blood Magic Common 2 4
When this enters play, target opposing champion reveals a random card from their hand. Troops revealed this way get -2Attack/-2Defense.
[Glimmerglen Witch] Wild Troop 3 Wild Magic Common 2 3
When this enters play, gain 3 health.
[Emberspire Witch] Ruby Troop 2 RubyRuby Rare 2 2

Champions can't gain health.

There are 3 cards in this list.