Card Name Zoltog
Card Type / Traits Troop / Orc Ranger
Cost 4
Threshold 2 Ruby
Attack / Defense 3 / 4
Restrictions Unique
Faction Ardent
Race Orc
Rarity Legendary
Card Effect
When an Orc troop you control deals damage to a champion, create a Savage Raider and put it into play.
Card Lore
"The raiders I command bring me what I want. And today, I want all that the sun's light can touch." - Zoltog
WrapsOfTheArenaChampion Wraps of the Arena Champion (Rare)

Orcs you control get +1Attack/+1Defense.
ZoltogsVisage Zoltog's Visage (Legendary)

When Zoltog deals damage to a champion, create a random Orc card instead.
Other Information
Card Legality Player vs. Player
Player vs. Environment
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